Project resources

This page links to reports, articles and other information about the project.

Our initial research was commissioned from Thomas Parsons, Tim Venison and Rob Johnson at Research Consulting/Spotlight Data. Their final report is available from the Jisc Repository.

Data underpinning this work, in the form of a spreadsheet listing discovered journal research data policies, is also available from the repository. This data was collected in 2015 and may not reflect current policies.

A paper by Linda Naughton and David Kernohan in UKSG insights describes the initial project and findings.

Expert Advisory Group Members

Stephen Abrams – Californian Digital Library

Rachel Bruce – Jisc

David Carr – Wellcome Foundation

Louise Corti – University of Essex/UKDS

Helena Cousijn – Elsevier

Catherine Grout – Jisc

Brooks Hanson – American Geophysical Union

Debra Hiom – University of Bristol

Ian Hrynaszkiewicz – Nature

Bill Hubbard – CRC/Jisc

Rebecca Lawrence – F1000

Jenny Mitcham – University of York

Katherine (Kate) McNeil – MIT

Pete McQuilton – Uni

Richard Mollet – Publishers’ Association

Fiona Murphy – Independent Consultant

Balviar Notay – Jisc

Catherine Pink/Richard Evans – University of Bath


Susanna Sansone – Uni

Natasha Simons – ANDS

Tod Vision – Dryad

Natasha White – Wiley

Nick Woolley – Northumbria University